Trucos para tomar fotos perfectas para tu Instagram

Si amas los feeds bonitos y buscas que el de tu perfil sea incluso interesante, hoy te doy algunos tips para que tomes en cuenta a la hora de tomar tus fotos.

Es importante que conozcas el equipo con el que tomarás tus fotografías, no importa si es una cámara o tu celular, debes saber las funciones que tiene y qué tanto te permite hacer a la hora de tomar una foto.

Así mismo, puedes apoyarte con algunas aplicaciones de fotografía, como VSCO Cam y Afterlight, ya sea para aplicar filtros o hacer tomas más profesionales.

-Prueba diferentes perspectivas

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Can we ever truly be ORIGINAL? Something I struggle with is the idea that there is such a thing as an original idea. I find it hard to believe that anyone’s art is not influenced by those who they admire or look up to. We have to start somewhere to develop a skill and part of that process is mimicking the great artists who have come before us. When I first learned to sing… I sang Whitney Houston and Joni Mitchell… my fashion sense and style have been influenced by icons like Cher and Stevie Nicks. Part of finding out who you are is trying on identities and voices and landing somewhere in between… we become a great compilation of our idols. Our art is inspired by many and owned by none. We cannot take IDEAS with us when we go… so we recycle them for future generations. We tell stories over and over again and evolve together. That’s why I’m not sure I believe any idea is truly original. Except for maybe The Post-it Note. Romy and Michelle invented that. // The more possessive we are, the more we perpetuate the idea that there isn’t room for all of us to step into our power. If we are so afraid of stepping on each other’s toes or “stealing” each other’s ideas… we won’t find the courage it takes to create. We won’t find the courage to step into our unique voices. We can start by cheering each other on and being transparent about our influences: we can start by championing each other instead of critiquing and judging each other. // If this is something you think your audience would benefit from reading, please share it!!! Thanks for making this community a better place. Love and air hugs, Quigs

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Paris tomorrow 🖤 #paris

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-Juega con la luz y las sombras

-Apóyate de otros elementos

-Cuida el fondo

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Bali 🌅

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-Incluye otras cosas que te gusten

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That feeling.🌊🐠🐚#bartamaldives

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-Usa el mismo filtro en todas las fotos

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Swinging in the Sunset 🦀 #tropicalparadise

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-Juega con los colores

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STOP YOUR SCROLL!! ONLY TWO MORE DAYS to snag the PRESET BUNDLE for 97% off. What’s The Preset Bundle and why is it 97% off?! // I’ve joined forces with some of the leading creatives in the industry to offer you a chance to snag 56 preset packs (including 319 desktop and 193 mobile presets) PLUS 9 different guides and classes on mastering your IG content and fostering your community (including four videos from my class @thesoulcialmedia). // It’s over 3k worth of digital tools and assets for only $70. The bundle is only available for two more days. DO NOT MISS YOUR SHOT TO GET THIS INSANE DEAL! There is no catch or gimmick, we just genuinely want as many people as possible to have access to these tools. We strongly believe in encouraging and mentoring the next generation of creators and setting them up for success. This is such an exciting time to be a creator, as the industry is growing exponentially. // BONUS! If you buy (or have already bought) the bundle from the link in my bio, you’ll be entered to win a free pass to access the entire @thesoulcialmedia course and all of the bonuses (including in depth video interviews with my photographer, manager and life coach!) // I know many of you many have questions about this offer… so I’ll be posting FAQs on my stories today. // Pictured above are images edited using the Officially Quigley x @jzobphoto preset pack which usually costs $225! This deal includes 55 other packs and is $70. If this doesn’t blow your mind I don’t know what else will!!!!!! Happy creating my friends! Please tag a friend who needs this bundle!!!!! Xo, Quigs #thepresetbundle #presets #onlineclass #preset #quigleypresets

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-Realiza poses diferentes

Por La Endina


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